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Available Labrador Retriever Teenagers

If you are looking for Teen Labs we have a good selection of well cared for older Labs ready to go to their forever homes! Pictured below are just a few of our Labrador Retrievers available, contact us with any questions or inquiries!

Teen Labrador Retrievers

Ready for training

All teens are up to date concerning shots, heartworm prevention, and worming.


We have a wide range of personalities but at the core they are all loving and companionship centered. Some are house trained and others smart enough to figure it out. We have American and English frames and a blend of the two for a moderate sized Lab. The smaller framed Labs we have are ideal for an elderly companion who is concerned about too large a Lab. Our larger frame is a stout and sturdy Lab who is as handsome as the come. The third fram we have is a short and stout frame with a low center and shorter legs.


All puppys com with a buyer's contract, three year health guarantee, vaccination records and 'Does and Dont's instructions".   


A loyal companion

BeeGee is a kind hearted young lab who is loving and gentle. He listens carefully and wants to do good. He is ready willing to class or at home. He gets along with everyone and doesn't need to be dominant. He shows thoughtfulness in that he doesn't want to do wrong. He has what a family needs in a companion.

How to meet BeeGee

In an effort to help the right future owner of beeGee we ask that you ask for a questionnaire to help match you with the right lab. He comes with limited AKC and a 2 year health guarantee and a buyers contract.